Jenna || Class of 2015 / by Cassidy Coker

Jenna || High School Senior 

Class of 2015

Caring, kind, fun

(Do you know how fun it was to have a mini violin concert while taking these photos?)

I have memories of us building forts out of blankets & furniture to listen to "scary" Adventures in Odyssey episodes. I have memories of being on the same soccer and basketball teams together, as very cute 5-10 year olds. I have memories of running through a few front yards to come study at your house down the street (and eat yogurt, fruit and crackers). 

I have memories of us


scheming to get the gigantic Easter egg in that one Easter egg hunt. (Remember, that little boy tried to steal it from us? I think we were 8.)

I have memories of ballet class &


eating candy cow tails together. I have memories of us trying to keep our composure (while laughing) because one of the older girls had a long curl that wouldn't stay in her ballerina bun and it bounced every time she did (and she had no idea). 

I have memories of you encouraging me to sit on the front row at an event for the first time (pace-setter!) I have lots of hilarious middle school pictures of us together (water guns included). I have pictures of us playing together as babies (sorry if I drooled on you). 

What an honor to take your senior pictures, love you, friend! :) 

Can't wait to see what God has in store for you. :)


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